The Meaning of "Evil Behind Animals Rights"

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Animal welfare Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: March 9, 2013
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Misty Dawn Wyman
English 1213-W03
Professor Melanie Tucker
January 31st, 2012
The Meaning of The Evil Behind Animal Rights
The text called, 'The Evil of Animal “Rights”', written by Alex Epstein and Yaron Brook, explains why animal testing is important and what animal activist groups have done to keep the testing from occurring. They explain the necessity of animal testing for man kind. The cures of different diseases and cancers, could all be created with the testing on animals-mostly rats and mice. The companies and labs doing these tests, like Huntingdon, which is mentioned in the text, are being harassed and interrupted in their process by animal activist groups, fighting for animal “rights”. According to the authors of this text, well being of man kind lay upon these scientists performing these tests on the animals.

Animal testing is an important factor for society. There are many people and groups out there that do not agree with that statement. Scientists use special techniques that involve growing actual skin in labs, which helps burn victims and those with severe skin issues. A common solution to a heart valve replacement comes from a pig. Doctors will use a valve from a pig's heart and place it in a humans heart, in turn saving that persons' life. Scientists have also grown an actual human ear off of the back of a hairless mouse. Once the ear was surgically removed, the mouse remained healthy and lived out it's life (The Bionic Body).

The purpose of this text is to give a little insight as to why animal testing is important and what the companies doing this testing go through with animal activist groups. With the animal testing, possible cure for AIDS, other deadly diseases, and maybe cancer lie upon these creatures. The authors try to explain that the animal activist groups are trying their best to keep this from happening. Wyman 2

Companies like Huntingdon test new products on animals like mice and rats before they deemed safe...
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