Pharmacist Research Paper

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  • Published : February 19, 2011
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What does it take to be a pharmacist? Pharmacy involves more than just handing out drugs, otherwise anyone could do it. “A pharmacist is a health professional who follows instruction from physicians regarding the amount of education to distribute” (“Pharmacy requirements”). The pharmacy profession requires a lot of education, demands patience and attentive work, provides good pay, and offers a satisfying job.

A pharmacist’s education can consist up to eight years of high level education. To start pharmacists must earn a degree at a pharmacy school. Pharmacy hopefuls must already have at least two years of college education, to even have a chance of acceptance into a pharmacy school. Another requirement to get into a pharmacy school is to complete a PharmD. “A PharmD is a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree” (“Pharmacy Requirements”). “Pharmacy programs take about four years to complete and provide instruction in subjects such as drug therapy, communicating with patients, professional ethics, and developing and managing medication distribution systems” (“cruising”). An optional thing to do to further your education is to complete a one to two year internship. Once finished with the PharmD program, a license is required by the state. If a PharmD degree is acquired then the pharmacist must pass a test given by the “National Association of Boards of Pharmacy” If a pharmacist, who inspires to run his or her own pharmacy then they would have to acquire a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or MBA. “When in high school it is wise to take a lot of math and science courses. Some of the science courses that should be taken are biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and physiology” (“Cruising”). The math courses that benefit the hopeful pharmacist include algebra one and two, geometry, pre calculus, statistics, and calculus (“Cruising”).

There are other qualifications a pharmacist should have and the first quality is pharmacists should have strong...
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