Pfizer Organizational and Design Structure

Topics: Wyeth, Medicine, Strategic management Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Organizational design and structure allow a company to organize itself into different divisions that make work and labor occur more efficiently. Departmentalization is a method of subdividing work into separate organizational units that perform particular tasks. Pfizer uses product departmentalization in order to organize the company into separate units that produce particular products or services. Pfizer manages its operations through five divisions: Primary Care, Specialty Care and Oncology, Established Products and Emerging Markets, Animal Health and Consumer Healthcare, and Nutrition (Reuters, 2012). The Primary Care operating segment and the Specialty Care and Oncology operating segment are very closely related. The Primary Care segment of Pfizer involves human pharmaceutical products that require a prescription from a physician (Reuters, 2012). These products are generally some of Pfizer’s bestselling and most recognizable. Examples of products in this department are Viagra and Lipitor. The Primary Care segment only involves medications for broad range ailments and conditions that cannot be narrowed down to a specific cause, such as heart disease or sexual dysfunction. The Specialty Care and Oncology operating system involves drugs and medications that are prescribed from specialty physicians such as psychiatrists and oncologists (Reuters, 2012). Drugs such as Enbrel and Geodon are part of the Specialty Care and Oncology segment as well as drugs related to oncology. These drugs are for diseases that do have a specific cause and that are treated with a specific drug or treatment plan. The Established Products and Emerging Markets operating segment is made up of two separate units: the Established Products business unit and the Emerging Markets business unit (Reuters, 2012). Established Products includes revenues from human pharmaceutical products that no longer have patent protection or are not marketed in certain countries and regions (Reuters, 2012). The...
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