Pfizer Internal and External Analysis

Topics: Pfizer, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Pfizer Proposal
Summary: In terms of total sales, Pfizer is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company that creates products that serve approximately 150 million people worldwide and sales of approximately $50 billion in 2009. Formed in 1849 as a chemicals business, it has realigned itself to become the world’s leading research based pharmaceutical company and has produced drugs such as penicillin, Lipitor, Viagra, Detrol, and Geodon and thousands of others throughout its history. Focused now on expanding its international offerings, it looks to China, India, and Russia as high potential markets. In addition to human pharmaceuticals, Pfizer has diversified into the animal pharmaceutical market that has augmented sales and profitability to existing product offerings as well as allowing them to utilize excess capacity and leverage their extensive human capital to similar product offerings. Internal Analysis: Two internal strengths have been identified as key to Pfizer success; strong marketing and sales infrastructure and a massive war chest funded through successful product sales. In terms of marketing and sales infrastructure, Pfizer is able to reach into both domestic and international markets and penetrate future markets with Pfizer products, allowing them to continue to push their products into the market and build consumer relationships for future products. In addition, from successful drugs such as Lipitor and Viagra, Pfizer has accumulated a massive capital supply in the form of their “War Chest” that enables them to fund future research and development as well as giving them a financial advantage in future mergers and acquisitions of smaller firms to capitalize on those firms existing product offering, patents, and capabilities. In terms of their weaknesses, they are both “Victims of their own success” as well as vulnerable to long “drought” periods between the launch of new products. In terms of being “Victims of their own success”, their profitability...
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