Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper

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  • Published : January 17, 2011
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Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper
Pfizer Inc. is a large pharmaceutical company that engages in the discovery of new technologies, the manufacture of prescription and "over the counter" (OTC) medicines, as well as the marketing of such products. It operates in three distinct segments that include Human Health, Consumer Healthcare, and Animal Health. For fiscal year 2004, the company generated approximately $53 billion in revenue that contributed to over $11 billion in net income. (Pfizer, 2004) The Cow and Calf division of the Animal Health segment markets its products direct to cattle ranchers. Such products include vaccines, medications, and antibiotics to support healthy and consistent herds of beef producing cattle. It segmented the market into three distinct categories. Hobbyists herd less than 100 cows; Traditionalists commonly carry between 100 to 499, and Businesses are working with 500 or more. (Mohr, 1999) Time spent in the field with the ranchers was allocated based on the volume of product purchased by each individual. Those that spent higher dollar amounts received the most attention (in the form of personal visits, seminar offerings, and trial product samples). Although the ranchers appreciate the visits and the personal attention from the sales representatives they trust their veterinarians’ opinion over everyone else. Pfizer has traditionally used two distribution channels for its Animal Health products: Veterinarian Offices and Feed Stores. It has also tended to view the rancher as the end user of its product, but due to the size segmentation it may or may not understand each individual customers need, nor does it grasp its role in the larger supply chain (Ranchers-Feed Lots-Meat Packers-Retail-Consumers). At the time of the case, the beef industry was in a state of decline. Increasing consumer sentiment towards the negative health effects of red meat timed with increasing inventories of product supplied from Canada and Mexico as a result...
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