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Cinthya Quinonez

Period 2

Fast Food Nations Guided Reading Questions

Chapter 6: On the Range(the ranching industry )

15. How do development pressures and the dictates of the fast food industry affect the cattle business?

The fast food industry has become a growing epidemic that has continued to grow. Because of this increase in the industry the way that meat is made has become more simple than ever. There are humongous machines that cut down all the parts of the meat however the problem is that the cattle as a result are treated brutally. Most of them are killed while still alive and are shocked with an electric rod and killed in an instant. The cattle business has become competitive and the way the cattle are treated has become worst each year.

16. How have the myth of the cowboy and the image of the hard-working rancher become irrelevant in today’s rural culture?

The cowboy back then was seen as a very able and an icon of hard working men. However today the image of a hard working rancher has changed as most of them are taken advantage of. The ones that are actually taking the credit are the fast food corporations who use the ranchers products for their own use.

17. Historically, government has protected businesses against trusts, monopolies, and price fixing. How has government’s role been changed to allow corporate domination in such industries as cattle-raising and meat processing?

The government has made efforts to try and change the way that the fast food industry has done things but has not been very successful. The one in actual power seems to be the fast food corporations as they have the power to choose what actually happens. The government has changed their priorities and have restricted some things against the businesses .

18. How has the fast food industry the traditional chicken farmer into little more than a share-cropper or “serf”?

In the beginning, the chicken farmer were well respected and were essential to the fast food industry. However nowadays the need for chicken has become abundant and as a result the farmer is not as significant except for the land they own and the chicken they breed. In today’s world we have steroids and other drugs to make chickens become even more large and multiply at a faster rate.

19. When individual farmers and ranchers lose their land to their conglomerates, they lose more than just dollars and cents. Eric Schlosser says, “The land that has been lost is not a commodity.” What does this mean and what does ‘land’ represent in farm culture? What did it mean to the Native Americans who occupied the area before ‘civilization’?

The land in a way is kind of like their life, or child. The ranchers spend a lot of time fixing their land and growing crops to make it become a better place. It is kind of like their own utopia but when they lose it to the corporations it may seem like a part of them is missing as it could represent their lifes work. This could be similar to the Native Americans who had lived on the land before as a home “sweet” home and a place where they had their own “utopia.”

Chapter 7: Cogs in the Great Machine (the meat-packing industry)

20. How have the demands of the fast food industry changed the social structure and the character of towns involved in cattle raising and meat-processing?

The fast food industry has been at the top for a very long time already and it has affected the social structure deeply. The towns where the cattle are raised and are processed into meat are not the same as they used to be. Instead they are seen as more of a dirty, scary place because of all the pollution and terror that comes behind it. The people that work there are usually poor, immigrants, or not right in the head. This would affect the other people’s view on the towns that are involved in cattle raising and meat processing.

Chapter 8: The Most Dangerous Jobs (Worker safety in the meat-processing plants)

21. According the...
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