Pestle Russia - Technological Landscape

Topics: Russia, Space exploration, World War II Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Pestle Russia 2013
Technological landscape Summary
Russia is a country that is well known for his defense technologies and military equipment’s. In history they also successfully completed a whole set is space missions. Russia is also very strong with its advanced military systems. Unfortunately the country didn’t succeed to play a part in fundamental research in science and technology. Although, they did manage to develop their IT sector. Current Strengths

2.1 AircraftRussia has a long history of aircraft engineering. Aircraft manufacturing became one of the most science-intensive hi-tech sectors of modern Russian economy. It also employs the largest number of skilled personnel. The value of aircraft production outstrips other defense industry sectors by far. The aircraft exports in Russia are worth half of the total military exports. Since World War II, the Ilyushin Il-2 bomber remains the most produced military aircraft in history. In 2005 they Russia founded the United Aircraft Corporation. In this way they could optimize production lines and minimize losses. The program was divided in three parts: reorganization and crisis management (2007-2010), the evolution of existing projects (2010-1015) and further progress within the newly created structure (1015-2025). 2.2 Space technologyRussia has a very important space technology. The country has some international space agreements with the US and Europe. In 2007 the US and Russia signed a new pact to find water on the moon or mars. Nowadays Russia is the largest satellite launcher and the only provider of transport for space tourism services. 2.3 MilitaryRussian defense industries employs 2.5-3 million people. This is more than 20 percent of all manufacturing jobs. Russia is the second biggest arms exporter after the US with 15 billion dollars worth’s of exports in 2012. The most popular Russian arms are helicopters, battle tanks, air defense systems and infantry fighting vehicles. Beside their export,...
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