Pestle Analysis of Samsung

Topics: Management, Personality psychology, Trait theory Pages: 2 (272 words) Published: October 3, 2012

Collect the information mentioned as follows of any retail shop in your locality -

a)Name of the Retail Shop
b)Name of the Proprietor
d)Year of Establishment of Shoppe
e)Maximum demand for which Products
f)Price of most demanded product
g)Supplier’s detail who provide that product
h)Duration of delivering the products
i)The basis of demand forecasting for shop keeper
j)Photo with proprietor of Shoppe

I) Write following details about eminent business personalities of world. a)Name of the businessman
b)Name of his company and type of business
c)Write which personality trait or factor this personality follows d)Paste 1 Photo of that personality and 2nd photo of his company. II)Draw Johari Window for your own (For this purpose, ask questions to minimum 4 of your friends).

a)Go through the Excel doc attached with this mail
b)VIsit website of the given company
c)Write PESTLE analysis in your own words
d)Take snapshot of the visited website and paste the hardcopy in Log Book. 4)PPM
a)Describe in your own words how different management functions like planning, organizing, implementing, directing, coordinating and controlling were applied during the i-MUN 2012. b) For information gathering you have to interview at least one from following 1)USGs

4)Prashant Sir
c) Paste your decent photo with interviewee.
5) BA
a) Download and attach Trading account, Profit and Loss Account and Balance sheet and paste the same in log book.
b) Comment your view on company’s financial position in 20 lines.
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