Administrative Matrix

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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Associate Level Material
Appendix C: Administrative Matrix


Complete the Administrative Matrix located below. You are expected to identify and explain the functions and roles of management. This information is based on the four functions of management. By providing an example, you demonstrate an understanding of each management function.

| | | | |Function |Role of Management |Example | |Leading |This includes interpersonal roles, subordinates within the |A manager has the responsibility to lead by example within the | | |organization, and persons external to the organization. Three |organization. It is important to model the behavior subordinates| | |interpersonal roles include figurehead, leader, and liaison |are expected to fulfill | |Top managers |Individuals who are responsible for making |In my company these are 7s they make sure that all policies are | | |decisions about the direction of the |signed by staff and that everyone knows what is going on in the | | |organization and establishing policies that |company. They are rarely ever seen unless a situation needs | |...
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