Persuasive Tap Water

Topics: Drinking water, Bottled water, Bottle Pages: 4 (1076 words) Published: May 30, 2013
I. Through a show of hands how many of you drink one water bottle a day? II. The use of bottled water is harmful for both humans and the environment due to false judgment, high cost and the pollution it causes. III. For my topic I have done plenty of research from highly credible health sources such as Food and Water Watch and conducted an in depth audience analysis in class. I also came across informative and educational videos on YouTube where I learned plenty of information. If you have ever wanted to know what really is in your drinking water I hope my speech can provide enough information to open your eyes on this topic. IV. I will be explaining first the problems of bottled water, next the possible solutions to drinking water, and finish with what you can do to drink the cleanest and most healthy water.

Transition to point #1: First I will be speaking about the problems of bottled water.

I. Luckily drinking water in our country is very clean, but there are still plenty of sources where it can become contaminated.

A. Tap water is regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) while bottled water is regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)— 1. This causes a huge issue because the same water we use for drinking has different regulations.

2. Unlike tap water regulations, bottled water companies are not required by the FDA to have certified lab tests on the water. Acording to article Water by sara Sciammaco, retrieved may 2013 “The Environmental Working Group took a survey of 188 brands of bottled water . . .they found only two provided information about its product to consumers” a. So just because you see a water bottle with the name Dasani or Arrowhead on it you trust it?

b. There’s plenty of facts out there stating that water in water bottles are barely regulated making it...
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