Contrast Between India and Canada

Topics: Bottle, Ocean, Pacific Ocean Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Water is the most important need of the human’s life. There will be no life on earth without water. A large part of the earth is covered by water which is about 75 percent and only 1 percent is drinkable. The effects of the bottled water industry on politics, people and the environment are corruption ,human health and pollution Firstly, the bottled water industry is very much in touch with politics. Politicians do seminars and tours from one place to another. These industries exist as the main source of income for these tours and seminars. Irrespective of this fact the politicians are very much worried about the great job losses which will arise if they give the order to ban these bottled water industries. Bottle bill is a good solution to this problems. If government keep 5 cent from one bottle the return rate is 70 percent if they keep 10 cent then its return rate modify itself to 92 percent but it is implemented only in seven states. Secondly ,bottled water damage humans health. These bottles are made in refineries . 700 million gallons of oil used to make plastic bottles. These bottles have chemicals like benzene, toluene, BPA and many more. These chemicals lead human to the diseases like cancer , diabetes, brain disorder etc. The people who live near those refineries are suffering from sure diseases like skin problems and breathing problems. Also the birth defect is very much high as compare to a common town near about 85 percent. finally ,the bottled water industry is doing great damage to the environment . These bottles can now easily be found in all the ocean of the world. There are garbage patches in the pacific ocean which is double in the size of the Texas state. This bottled water damaging the fish life very much .according to a scientist who caught a fish and analyze it. He found near about 26 pieces of plastic in that small we can see it from here how this is effecting human as well as animals life. In the last it can be summed up that...
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