Persuasive Speech on Thift Retail

Topics: Retailing, Charities, Social economy Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Everybody knows millions of years ago before the manifestation of the global society, man and woman ran around buck naked and fancy-free. However, Nowadays running around naked is somewhat frowned upon society. On a show of hands how many of you are all about living green? On a show of hands how many of you like to save money while giving profit/donations towards a good cause? Good Afternoon class, My name is Pearl Bentum and I shall be discussing with you the mission of different types of thrift retails, How to donate items, and last but not least items you could find at these stores. Let’s begin with the missions of different types of thrift retail. Salvation Army is one of the most popular amongst them all. Due to the fact that it’s the only religious one. Their mission is to use donations to Care for the poor, Feed the hungry, Shelter the homeless, Cloth the naked, Love the unlovable, and Befriend the friendless. Another type of thrift retail is the Good Will. Their mission is to provide vocational education for people with disabilities, training programs, services based on the needs of the community, and the financial resources of the organization. Let’s move on to how to donate items. There are three steps to take in order to donate your items. Number one, you have to determine whether or not your item/items are useful. Most charities can only make use of items that are new, unused, or nearly new. If you don't have any use for your old, tattered couch, rusty washing machine, or other used item, chances are neither will a charity. Similarly, a timeshare that has turned out to be a bad investment for you won't do much to help out a worthy charity. Number two, Consider selling your items and donating the proceeds to charity. By donating cash instead of goods you allow charities greater flexibility in spending the money so that it reaches the people or animals that need it the most. When you sell the items yourself you also eliminate the for-profit middleman...
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