Persuasive Speech

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Facebook Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Persuasive Speech
Social Networking
I. Introduction : Social Networking Controls most of today's society. Websites such as MySpace Face book, And Twitter have taken the attention of the world today. They are taking over the lives of teens and although it makes it easier to keep in contact it also has its downfalls. II. Predators on Social Networking

A. When most people log onto a social networking site they feel its harmless and find it entertaining for a while, not realizing all the dangers that are lurking on a social networking site. B. The sites are often open to anyone and just because someone's profile to be a certain person doesn't mean it's that person. C. Many teens get online without being aware of these dangers and never think anything of the predators on a social site. III. Distraction of social networking

A. Research has shown that being on a social network too may cause kids to have ADHD and the kids who spend most of their time on these networks often have the lowest grades. B. Many teachers see the distraction of social media in their classrooms alone, with students constantly being on their phones and not paying attention in class. C. Spending more time on these sites takes time out of studying and other things that students should be doing. IV. Cyber bullying

A. Another problem with social networking is cyber bullying, which is a new form of bullying that occurs on these social sites. B. Although many don't find anything wrong with what they are doing, someone is still getting hurt. C. Many may find what they are doing to be entertaining and what they doing should be taken as a joke, but it makes the victim feel a certain way. D. Cyber bullying is most common forms of bullying in today's society so parents should take initiative to see what is being exposed on these sites and help monitor what is being put on the internet by children and teens. V. Conclusion: Social networking is starting to control the lives of kids today. There should...
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