Perspectives on Sexuality

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Perspectives on Sexuality
I. Define/explain the following terms:
1.Sex: “Biological maleness and femaleness” (Crooks, p. G7). 2.Intercourse: “the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur” ( 3.Heterosexual: “Sexually oriented to persons of the opposite sex” ( 4.Homosexual: “A person whose primary erotic, psychological, emotional, and social orientation is toward members of the same sex” (Crooks, p. G4). 5.Bisexual: “Sexual attraction to both men and women” (Crooks, p. G1). 6.Celibacy: The state of being unmarried and abstaining from sexual intercourse, as superior to marriage (Crooks, p. 10) 7.Sex-for-reproduction legacy: The historical view that North America had about sexual activity. A contemporary Roman Catholic doctrine and pro-life organizational view that holds the belief that the only moral sexual expression occurs within marriage for purposes of procreation (reproduction). (p.8) 8.Madonna-whore dichotomy:” The Madonna-whore dichotomy was perpetuated by Judeo-Christian cultural tradition through the two strongest women it presents: Eve and Mary. "Sexuality as exemplified by Eve is a constant temptation to man, which must be distanced and distained. Carnality has no part in men's 'better' nature, which yearns for union with God. In fact, according to tradition, it was Eve's intervention that ruptured the harmonious relationship between man and God [The Virgin Mary, on the other hand,] is holy precisely because she is sexless" (Laws, 13-14). The Virgin Mary is essential to man's well being in that she provided the medium for the birth of Jesus, who redeemed man to God. Because the church was so instrumental at this time, these ideas encouraged the double standard of the Madonna-whore dichotomy” (Sex Changes). 9.Sex as recreation: Sex for any other reason than reproduction. 10.Sexual revolution: The sexual revolution began in 1960 after WWII. This revolution may be touted as the second with the first following WWI. During this time period there was an increase in the number of unmarried individuals having sexual intercourse as well as the age younger than in the past. This also caused an increase in the age at marriage giving individuals more time to experiment sexually with many partners. Maybe as a result there was also an increase in the number of divorces during this time period. There was a general shift in thinking about homosexuality, women’s sexual needs and desires, and freedom of sexual expressions. Interesting research by Kinsey found that as many as 37% of men had had at least one homosexual experience and women were more interested in casual sex than sex for reproduction. (glbtq). II. List the major points of Chapter 1 in paragraph form. Use as many paragraphs as necessary.

“Sexual intelligence involves self understanding, interpersonal sexual skills, scientific knowledge, and consideration of the cultural context of sexuality.” (p. 2). In order to be able to understand and communicate with our children about sex we must first understand all the aspects - whether they are positive or negative. Then we may be able to help our children and teens make appropriate decisions about sexual behavior.

Because the United States is so ethnically diverse, so are the cultural views of these ethnic groups. Even though there are separate and disparaging views in regards to sex by these groups they often experience assimilation, or the replacement of their own cultural and traditional beliefs with the larger dominant culture beliefs. In addition to ethnic and cultural views are religious views held by the various denominations in the United States. These views can be as extreme as forbidding certain types of sexual behaviors to liberal views by some.

The views we have on sex are determined by factors such as emotions, attitude, motivations, and social...
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