Analyzing the Development of My Own Sexuality and My Thoughts on Sexuality and Gender Identity.

Topics: Gender, Gender identity, Gender role Pages: 4 (1403 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Analyzing the development of my own sexuality and my thoughts on sexuality and gender identity.

Analyzing the development of my own sexuality and my thoughts on sexuality and gender identity.

Sexuality for a teen can be every confusing and sometimes hard to understand without the proper knowledge. I have learned so much and still feel to this that with my personal experience doesn’t make me an expert or no one for that matter. Gender identity to me is what you make of it and how you identity yourself to the world and how you want them to perceive you as well. In my reading you will explore many different views on gender identity and on sexuality. You will also see the view in someone else eyes. When it comes to my gender identity, and me there are no confusion and misunderstanding at all. I know that I was born a male even with me being a gay male I have no confusion at all. When it comes to gay male they tender to have some type of gender identity misunderstanding when there is no need to at. When it comes to gender identity it varies from person to person. I have learn and I will express that everyone doesn’t know how to love or what it truly means. Some people that once in a relationship that their partners already knows how’s to be love or love someone.

Well to start off. I hate that we as a society have labels on people sexuality. I think it is inane, wrong and prejudice. I am a gay male. That is what society would label me as. I label my self as James R. German III a person and nothing more.   I know that in the work place it can be difficult for me being a gay male. Understanding and experiencing sexual issues, behaviors, and how they are involved in our daily lives and environments determine how we react to certain situations, other people, and most importantly, relationships. Human sexuality has as much to do with emotional reactions as values, morals, and responsibilities. Basically, human sexuality involves much more than anatomy and...
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