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Employee Job Satisfaction; regarding Personnel Policy of Balochistan University [Type the document subtitle]
Sajid Kanner Jamsher AsfandYar Khan MPA 4th Semester
Subject: Personnel Policy
Submitted to:Madam Banish Bakhsh

Table of Contents

Fringe benefits and contingent rewards6
Operating conditions and co-employees6
Nature of employment6
Problem statement:7
Objective of carrying this study:7
Purpose of study:7
Literature Review:8
Theoretical Framework:11
Type of Research:12
Unit of Analysis:12
Time Horizon:12
Research Technique used:12
Sampling Technique:12
Descriptive statistic:15
Two independent samples t-test15
Appendix No1:21
Appendix No. 2:22
Thank you24


First of all, we are grateful to Almighty ALLAH who gave us courage and chance to complete this Assignment. All the praise is for ALLAH the most merciful and beneficial, and his Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). We would like to express my gratefulness and appreciate for the untiring efforts, hard work and positive approach demonstrated by my all friends and teachers who help us in completing of our research assignment. Specially thanks to Madam Benisch Bakhsh. I would like to thank all the persons for their heartiest facilitations to complete our research assignment and for giving us great memories for a lifetime.


This research has to identify the employee job satisfaction; regarding personnel policies of Balochistan University and the main gaps between employee’s job satisfaction and personnel policies. The main purpose of this study is to explore the impact of employee job satisfaction regarding university of Balochistan personnel policy. My research objective is to know is to show that how the personnel policies of university of Balochistan effects the job satisfaction and to show the direct relationship of employee job satisfaction and personnel policy. Is employees are getting equality regarding promotion, pay, compensation, salary, leave and Advancement policies. There a difference in the employee job satisfaction regarding personnel policy. 45 respondents from the university of Balochistan were contacted for the study my study shows that the effective policy as positively impacts the employee job satisfaction because effective Personnel Policy process is vital for organization success, and a failure.


The University of Balochistan was established in 1971 which is situated in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan; where more than 6,000 students study in 36 different departments and mainly in 5 faculties. The HEC (Higher Education Commission) of Pakistan has ranked this ‘university of Balochistan’ as 11th best general category of University in Pakistan. (Wikipedia) The purpose of this research is to evaluate teachers and their job satisfaction level but the main thing is to evaluate the effectiveness of their performance and their job satisfaction level; due to personnel policy of university. The main reason of employee job satisfaction levels are the dramatically changed with economic scenario of the world. This change also changes the environment of the organization which is characterized by globalization, change in employee demands, attitude, performance and different competitiveness. Employees always steps forward to their performance by costs, bringing original products...
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