Personality Types

Topics: Personality psychology, Personality type, Type A and Type B personality theory Pages: 6 (935 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Theorist John Holland theorized on six personality and work environment types, it is believed that if you wish to succeed beyond your fullest penitential you should study these types. Each type of personality is paired with specific job titles that the individual would be likely to excel at. It is important that you know your personality type to be aware of the types of people you are likely to work in harmony with on the job environment. These six personality types are -:

* Realistic
* Investigative
* Artistic
* Social
* Enterprising
* Conventional
The Realistic
A Realistic is a (Do’er), he or she likes performing activities that evolves or require skills. This person likes hands on work that may require tools and/ or machinery. A realistic prefers solving piratical problems rather than abstract problems, they are very independent, real minded, aggressive and conservative. A realistic is very practical and prefers hectic jobs these jobs include-: * Computer Sciences

* Paramedic
* Pilot
* Police officer, Firefighter
* Engineer
* Mechanic, Electrician

The Investigator
The Investigator is a (Thinker). They enjoy doing work that requires scientific or mathematical problems. Investigative personality values theories and science, he or she likes studying, reading and prefers to work with data. They are usually curious, independent and unconventional thinkers, they like to analyze the situation before rushing to conclusions. Investigators are very intelligent but not a leader. An Investigator enjoys research and analyzing situations, they enjoy jobs like-: * Doctor

* Researcher
* Mathematician
* Historian
* Chemist, Biologist
* Programmer
The Artist
The Artist is the (Creator), he prefers creativity and originality. He mainly value creative arts, he is known to be self- expressive and emotional. He appreciates sights, sounds and textures that he can draw inspiration from. Artistic personalities are impulsive, visionary, highly motivated and sensitive. The Artist prefers to work in and un-constricting environment that allows self-expression and Creativity, they prefer jobs like-:

* Actor
* Dancer
* Artist
* Singer
* Designer
* Photographer

The Socialist
The Socialist is a (Helper). Persons with this personality are dedicated leaders, realistic and humanist. This type of personality enjoys training, assisting and developing people. These people are sensitative towards others and make friends easily. Social personalities solve problems by gut feeling and avoid using machines or tools. The Socialist enjoys assisting people and has great communication skills. The usually excel in jobs like -: * Psychologist

* Minster
* Administrators
* Nurse
* Police Officer
* Real Estate Agent
The Enterpriser
Enterprising personalities are known as the (Persuader). These personality types enjoy competitiveness and leading. They prefer to solve problems by taking risk and rely on their intuition. The Enterpriser takes pride in his power and status and is talented at influencing others. They appear to be confident and assertive and usually a quick thinker and a problem solver. The Enterprising personality are quick thinkers, confident and influence decisions easily. They prefer jobs like-: * Advertising Agent

* Business Managing
* Politician
* Lawyer
* Customer services
* Entrepreneur

The Conventionalist
The Conventional personality is the (Organizer). Persons with this personality type make decisions by following rules. The Conventionalist takes pride in neat, orderly and detailed work. He usually appears to be careful, organized and quiet. These types of people have a strong need to feel secure, certain and follow routine to finish tasks on time. Conventional Personalities likes working with data, numbers and facts. The most recommended jobs for persons of this...
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