The Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollock

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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The Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollock

Art a small word consist of just three letters, but has huge meaning. It has not any boundaries or limits. Art can be define in words but sometimes we can express it more accurately and beautifully without words. But one should have that talent and courage to express emotions and feelings with the world without even using a single word. There are many forms of art, like dancing, singing, acting, painting and much more, but the true art is what, which you see once and it settles in the viewer’s eyes and then goes into hearts. Anyone can be an artist but it is hard to be a true artist. Jackson Pollock an artist, an inspiration and unique person who does not need any introduction. For the true art lovers in the field of paintings, he is a step to know what is painter, painting and how can they print their imagination on the canvas. Jackson Pollock, an amazing and famous artist in fact he was the unique man in whom a world of imagination dwelled. As he had seen the world no one can see it. He had the different vision which he transferred on the canvas through his artistic hands. He created the art which changed the idea and way of looking at art of the world. He brought the new ideas and turned people’s attention towards abstract art that were known by most of the representational art which means the art which were realistic and recognizable. Jackson Pollock was born on January 28th, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming. He started his career as an art student in Los Angeles at manual art high school and then to fly more in the art field he went at the Arts Students League at New York where he followed his two brothers. Jackson was the youngest of five brothers. He was talented by birth but to polish that talent he learned the basic rules of arts. Jackson Pollock studied under the Thomas Hart Breton, with his brother Charles. He met his future wife on the same spot Lee Krasner. According to the site totally history, Jackson worked for...
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