Criminal Invesigations

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Criminal Investigations
Felix A. Barreto
Johnson & Wales University

Criminal Investigation
CJS 2075
November 1st, 2012

Criminal Investigations
The purpose of this research paper is to show the role, function, nature and responsibility of the criminal investigator. The Methods Used and the Interpretation of the Collection of Physical Evidence and Understanding of the Sources of Information will be explained within this paper. The Role, Function, Nature and Responsibility of the Criminal Investigator The criminal investigator has specific roles and function within their organization. The duty of a crime scene investigator is to try to assemble and bring together multiple events, information, and interpretations of a crime scene to make it one big picture. Based on physical evidence, testimonies of eyes witnesses, suspects, and the victim he will create scenery to figure out what has happened. He or she is creating a hypothesis in what happen before the crime scene occurred and after. All evidence found in all cases by the investigator has full understanding and knowledge of it in order to be an effective investigator (Physical Evidence). The mentality of an investigator has to have interest, observative, and have the ability to write down everything that is going on. While on a crime scene he or she will notice what is wrong in the crime scene. For instance, the investigator notices that everything in a home is taken out and thrown on the floor in which the investigator can tell the crime scene is a burglary. In the investigative world, not only each individual investigator learns from each case they take up but from each other. While learning from each other they have to be opened minded and have doubt in order not to interfere with the facts of the case. The job of a criminal investigator has high levels of critical thinking (Police). The Methods Used and the Interpretation of the Collection of Physical Evidence When the investigator is called onto a crime scene they have a lot of work to gather and process. The first initiative officer will turn the crime scene over to them. The investigator might be also in charge of giving out press information based on the crime scene. The first thing that they might observe is the possible of the scene being contaminated by the officers who arrived their initially. The crime scene must be organized, and controlled using the proper methods so that the suspect of the crime scene may be successfully captured (Police).. The investigator will meet with the lead detective and the first responding officer on scene. He or she will interview them the two people on information pertaining to the scene. The investigator will get an understanding on what happened, when it happened, and how the crime occurred. The information received, the investigator will combine his information with theirs and make a logical determination of what happen in the crime scene. The gathered information as if you were a judge to see if the facts and evidence will meet will support the conclusion of the scene (Police). The process of the crime scene investigation is when they receive a call to go to a crime scene. When you arrive at the scene, you will make a list of what is required for this particular crime. Every crime scene is different. As crime scene investigator, you will need to have enough police officers protecting the crime scene and yourself. The officer will have to make sure that no one who is not authorizes to enter the premises stays out. The responding officer or a designated person would be the recorder keeper of authorize personal who enter the crime scene. They would have to write down their name, ID number, date, time, and what department (Police). The crime scene investigator will start to take photographs from the outside. The will take pictures of the entire area. All angles will be necessary from across, behind, on top, and bottom of the crime scene....
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