Personality of 12 Angry Men

Topics: Personality psychology, Emotion, Decision making Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: October 21, 2012
This movie goes to show how such crucial facts and minuet evidence if not processed fully and clearly can change the outcome in such a big way. In this jury they have 12 men from all different walks of life, 12 different times, and 12 different personalities. Who have an obligation to come to one conclusion and that's whether or not the young man on trial is guilty of murdering his father or is innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. Under much frustration and lack of patience these 12 men began to get unruly and unfocused. Throughout this distraction key terms get misused, facts get turned around and more importantly emotions start to cross making it hard for these men to produce a verdict.  Set in the rather claustrophobic confines of a jury room, the movie gives 12 actors a chance to showcase 12 distinct characters with interesting personality differences. First, it might be helpful to explain briefly how these types are divided. Each personality type is represented by four letters made up from these possibilities: E for Extroversion or I for Introversion 

(sometimes the easiest to spot, outgoing vs. reserved people) S for Sensation or N for iNtuition 
(an S focuses on actual, concrete things, an N looks at possibilities and ideas) T for Thinking or F for Feeling 
(deciding with head or heart, objective vs. subjective)
J for Judging or P for Perceiving
(Js are more organized, scheduled and faster with decisions and tend to see things as more black or white, Ps like to keep options open and are more flexible)

These classifications together describe 16 personality types, identifying every person by one trait from each of the four pairs. And alsocan be described in the Big Five Personality Model which the five basic dimensions underlie all others and encompass most of the significant variation in human personality.

These 12 characters of juror have their own personality, values, atitudes, emotions and moods. These kind of personality, values, attitudes,...
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