12 Angry Men: Overview

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Sajed Awwad – 12 Angry Men.
Act 1. Part 1:
1. Each Act takes happens in the same place. The entire play takes place in the jury room of a New York City court of law in 1957 during a very hot summer afternoon. It is a large, dull, minimalistic room with three windows in the brick wall which the skyline of New York City can be seen. There is also a wash room and lavatory off the jury room. There is a large, scarred table in the centre with twelve chairs around it. There are pencils pads and an ashtray on the table. There is also a water cooler in the room with plastic cups. The dullness of the room may signify and provide a mood for the act and is evident in the interactions between the jurors. The Twelve jurors are all seemingly awkward and uneasy towards each other once they enter the room. 2. The Twelve jurors are given the job, by the judge, of deciding whether a teenage boy is innocent or guilty of killing his father. They must separate the facts from the fancy and provide a verdict of guilty if there is no reasonable doubt to the claims, or non-guilty if there is reasonable doubt. The decision must be unanimous. The charge against the defendant is Murder in the first degree – premeditated homicide (death sentence). 3. Foreman: The Foreman is responsible for keeping the jury organized. He seems calm and neutral in the way that he does not object or counter anyone’s opinions. 2nd Juror: A shy bank clerk who takes time to feel comfortable enough to participate in the discussion. 3rd Juror: 3rd Juror is a small business owner. He proudly says that he started his business from scratch and now employs thirty-four workers. He has a bad relationship with his own son. 4th Juror: 4th Juror is a stock broker. He seems very serious. He deals with the facts of the case logically and uses facts. 5th Juror: 5th Juror works in a Harlem hospital and has experience in living in slums his whole life. 6th Juror: A house painter. Seems to be a respectful man shown...
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