Personal Values, Ground Rules and or Ethics Development

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision engineering Pages: 4 (1130 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Paula Burch
April 18, 2011
Cyndie Shadow
Decisions in Paradise II

Kava is a small island country and the residents of Kava have faced difficult disasters. Nik is one of the key players with an organization that has decided to have a greater presence in Kava. Nik recently joined the courts, and he is apprehensive about his new job. Nevertheless, with Nik preoccupied personal life. He has a new love interest and a dog that needs to be house trained, to name a few. Nik begins to realize that he misjudged the dilemma facing Kava and his new assignment. The scene quickly changed from ideas of paradise to a very big disaster. When Nik meets the other key player, his supervisor Alex, he is again surprised because Alex is not as he imagined. Nik quickly bounces back from the curve balls that he has been thrown as Alex briefs him on facts about Kava, their company’s purpose, and his expected contributions. Nik realizes that this first assignment will require that he be fully focused and practice many of the skills that he learned in college. Chris is the third key player. He is Nik’s boss. Nik will need to identify the issues and apply a decision-making technique to further define the issues, analyze the steps involved, and apply elements of critical thinking.

Kava faces several issues because it is an area often affected by disaster like tornadoes, petroleum spill, volcanoes, floods, avian flu, and internal or external terrorism. The country is diverse with ethnicities, race, religion, and beliefs. This is a positive for like merging cultures, but it can be difficult when trying to find solutions to the country’s issues. The diversity may conflict. Nik immediately thinks the task is too hard because so many...
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