Develop an Ethics Program

Topics: Termination of employment, Ethics, Employment Pages: 7 (2166 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Objective 310.2.3-08: Develop an ethics program for a company. Created Company Name: Blue Moose Management Consultants

Welcome to our team. We are dedicated to providing our employees a pleasant work atmosphere helps to ensure excellent customer service and protection to our clients through Blue Moose Management Consultants (BMMC) You have been selected from a pool of other candidates because we believe you have the right attitude for success.  In addition, we feel you will add value to our team and help us achieve our mission. Blue Moose Management Consultants would like to thank you for joining our team and look forward to watching us succeed together. Mission

“We are personally accountable to add value to our client’s business through excellent service, superlative advice, and extraordinary care. We help others manage where other may have failed” Blue Moose Management Consultants cannot exist without clients and customers.  It is our goal in this consulting firm to make clients feel that they are the most important person in our lives the time they spent with us STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES

You are expected:
1.      To have a positive attitude every day you step into the office.  If there is a problem, leave it at the door unless you need to talk to someone.  2.      Take care of customers request and set an appointment to take care of an unaddressed need uncovered during conversation.  3.      To maintain the philosophy that the customer is always right (we know this is not always the case, but making the customer feel this way is the secret).  Please report management if any incident where a customer treats you in a hostile or abusive manner.  You are not expected to endure hostile or abusive language or manner and should ask this behavior be discontinued before you can continue the service or refer the situation to BWC management. 4.      To work well with others, share ideas, and be open-minded. Acceptance of Gifts and Gratuities

No employee is to accept any gift of more than $25.00 from any customer, supplier, or competitor.  Any gift of greater value is to be returned with an explanation of agency policy. No team member is to accept free or discounted services, travel, entertainment, vacation trip accommodations, or anything that could be construed as an attempt to influence the staff member. It is BMMC policy that staff members shall not become involved with activities or practices, which directly or indirectly could be detrimental to the best interests of the consulting firm.  Nor shall team members place themselves in a position which may be perceived by others to be in conflict with the interest of the BMC and its clients. If a spouse of a staff member works for a supplier, client, or competitor, both individuals are to act in such a way as to preserve the integrity and confidentiality each owes his or her respective employers. Conflicts of interest may be reason for termination.

Information and Security
Client information, including policyholder records and any related records, are confidential.  You are not permitted to share this information with anyone outside of the Blue Moose Consulting organization except in authorized situations. Staff members handling confidential information are responsible for its security, and extreme care is to be exercised.  Any staff member violating this policy will be subject to immediate termination. Staff members are not to share their salary, benefits, and any other incentive programs that have been assigned.  Termination will be enforced if this information is shared. Job Abandonment

If you are absent from work for 2 days and have not contacted the agent you may be terminated for job abandonment. Health and Safety
We want the office to be a healthy and safe workplace.  If you notice anything that you think is a health or safety hazard, please tell management. The office is a smoke free environment and has a designated smoking are outside the building Blue Moose...
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