Personal Values and Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Psychology, Business ethics Pages: 8 (2629 words) Published: August 29, 2010
Ethics: Personal Values and Ethical Standards
Daniel Hagerhorst
University of Phoenix

Marcia Winter

Ethics: Values and beliefs
Developmental aspects of Values and their Implications to my Work The values that I hold deeply today are showing kindness, integrity, honesty, and openness. Kindness is more of a virtue than a value, but the two are related in that values hold virtues such as compassion, loyalty, and respect. Kindness is what I choose to show as much as possible to others even in the absence of respect. Integrity is a choice for me not an obligation. I have seen the rewards of integrity through my parents and most of all through my maternal grandfather. Integrity gives me strength when I can find none to help me make difficult decisions. Integrity is a learned behavior that can be relied upon at all times. Honesty is one of the values that I find the most difficult to define. I know that honesty means to behave in a fair and straightforward manor, to be honorable and to have integrity. This is why I rely on my integrity to give me strength. I cannot behave honestly without knowing and having integrity. The two are one in the same or as I believe you cannot have one without the other. Openness is ones willingness or readiness to receive. To be open to new ideas or behaviors. I have tried most of my life to be open to others thoughts, behaviors’, cultures, beliefs, and opinions. My mother has been instrumental in helping me to see life this way. My immediate family is responsible for instilling in me the core values that I have mentioned. I was fortunate to have grown up in a two parent household that was stable and nurturing. This is not to say that our family was perfect. We had our share of obstacles to overcome. Growing up I looked to many popular people for guidance on how to behave. Learned behavior was the main way I grew up. I know that some forms of behavior are inherent but I choose to believe that society can force inherent behavior to adjust. This adjustment can be positive or negative depending on one’s surroundings and family. I have looked to great men of the past for guidance as well. One of these popular figures is Thomas Jefferson. I have studied his life and the decisions he has made. Some decisions were not always worthy of his character, but who is perfect? The man did behave with integrity and honesty regardless of his actions he was always an honest man and history bares this truth. I am not what one would call a deeply religious man. I believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings, because of this I can say that all religions are manmade. I have learned much from his teachings and would be remiss not including him as one of my life’s mentors. I can only hope to live and behave as he did. These mentors have helped me to keep an open mind and evaluate any changes in my values or beliefs. Thomas Jefferson is instrumental in my belief that society changes, that man changes and we should change as well. The implications of these values to my work as a human services professional are necessary if I am to succeed. Understanding and following the human services code of ethics would put my values into place during my work with clients and peers. But I do not need to follow a code of ethics to succeed. I will use them as a guide but my personal beliefs and values supersede the behavior that is expected of me. By showing kindness, honesty, integrity, openness, compassion, loyalty, and respect I feel my clients and peers will benefit. I do know that the code of ethics can be relied upon to handle certain logistical situations, and in no way would I ignore the wisdom. The implications of my values means that someone is going to get better and receive the genuine help the need. Specific Ethical Dilemma that I will have little difficulty with due to Concordanance with Standards and Beliefs

I am reminded of a time when I worked with a young man that was a...
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