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Every person has a dream. Somebody dreams about a big house, somebody about a luxury car, somebody about some new gadgets, etc. And I am not an exception. I also have a lot of dreams. But all of these my dreams come out of one main dream, it is a good education. I started to think about gaining a good education when I was 12 years old. That time was rather difficult time for our country, and consequently for our family. My father had just started his business in a young country, which had just become an independent state. I heard his talks about business in our country, about lack of specialists, about development of his business and used to say to myself that I would do my best to help my father when I grow up. Since that time I have been studying hard, attending different courses in order to improve my knowledge. Especially with this aim I had attended English Language Courses in Lewes School of English in UK when I was 13. Later on, when I came back home, in order to improve my language skills I had one-to-one lessons with qualified English speaking teachers. I was interested in not only fluent speaking and writing in English, but also in understanding science and math in English. That time I used to think that I would be an economist that is why I studied math hard. Two years after, in order to improve my oratorical skills I participated in Model UN General Assembly in Moscow, where I presented my report in front of MGIMO students. Moreover, last year was significant and crucial in my life. In summer holidays I had a chance to study in Lexington Prep School in the USA. Teachers from Lexington made a very deep impression on me being so experienced, having professional degrees from top ranking USA universities, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton and the University of Chicago. After this my experience I have firmly decided to study Business Management.

I have chosen this specialty because I want to help my father in his business....
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