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Topics: Rock music, Drum kit, Drummer Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: February 11, 2013
I’m a rock-addict. Rock-addict? A two-word noun brings up an image of a long-hair freak screaming hectically in rock music concerts, moving his head up and down. A darkly dressed emo with gigantic chains. A Steven Tylor look-alike.


Obviously I have clothes in black and white, but my wardrobe is spacious enough for multi-colored costumes and accessories. Without colors, life would be a grey-scaled movie, vintage but tedious; and I absolutely don’t want to be the main actress of it. Similarly, it would be boring if I only had rock songs on my playlist; moreover, those breathtaking guitar riffs and powerful drum beats can’t always express exactly my emotions.

According to my appearance and music library, most people still can’t draw distinction between me and others. So what is the real feature of mine, a rock-addict?

It’s indeed one inner factor called “passionate rock stream”. For the first time I listened to rock music, I could feel it immediately in my veins. That invisibly special stream keeps flowing inside me, and four years ago, it made me - a timid high school freshman - braver and inspired me to found a rock club. I’m still able to recall myself adhering posters to all bulletin boards, arranging meetings and being chosen as the first leader of CNN Rock Club (CRC). After three years sticking with my club as a vocalist, a drummer and a rhythm guitarist, what I gained weren’t only recognition, self-confidence and amazing performing tips but also a second family with my wonderful yet crazy siblings.

That “passionate rock stream” also led my attention to musical instruments, especially those ones used in rock songs, so I started learning to play drum - no trainer, no musical institute, all by myself. I downloaded videos from Youtube and tried to imitate the drummers. I put cushions around me and pictured positions of hi-hat, snare, crashes…etc, then I hit them like I was playing in a performance! Although difficulties brought me...
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