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Topics: Pharmacy, Medicine, Health care Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Pharmacy is an intriguing, and mutable field in our society today. A particularly attractive feature of this career is the wide variety of opportunities that one is afforded. The versatility in having a Doctor of Pharmacy is quite rewarding and promising. Nevertheless, it is essential to know ones intentions and motivations in considering a career in Pharmacy.

My interests are engrained in my desire to be an active component in the enhancement in others health, to be conversant in topics relating to different areas of healthcare, and acquire the means to be able to grow, and evolve in this profession.

I've always wanted to be a pharmacist. I can remember being an adolescent going to the local pharmacy with my grandmother. I admired the way our local pharmacist always dressed in a nice clean white coat; he looked very relaxed and personable, she would give him her prescription, and he would give her something that would improve her quality of life. It is through this observation that my interest in this profession sparked. My character is built on the principle of compassion. I have always had fervor for caring for other people and aiding to their well being. I am searching for more meaningful experiences in the field of pharmacy although I have played an important role in health care by being an intake coordinator for a mental health agency. When I visit a pharmacy I am met with enthusiasm and care, especially when I am consulted on my medication. Pharmacist gives the patient a sense of comfort that they are being cared for and helped in a meaningful way. Through these facts solidified my decision in obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy.

My matriculation through college was extremely intriguing and met with great rigor. Through my advanced science courses, I have learned about life and health on many different levels. The body, its systems and their corresponding functions are topics that highly interested me. It is quite captivating learning about the...
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