Personal Responsibilty

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Personal Responsibility 1

Personal Responsibility
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Personal Responsibility 2
My Personal Responsibility
What is personal responsibility? Everyone has a personal responsibility, but it might not be the same from person to person. Taking responsibility for you own actions, accepting what comes with those actions, and realizing that those actions can not only hurt you but everyone around you. Ultimately, we all have a personal responsibility to ourselves and the people around us. Are personal responsibility does not stop with our personal life, responsibility is in every aspect in life, work, school, and church. One person’s personal responsibility might appear different from another person and they might even have more because due to their involvements but it does not make either level of responsibility less insignificant. When it comes to personal responsibility a plan is always good to make sure that you stay on track not only in life but in work and or school. If you stopped ten people in a public area, all ten people might tell you the same thing when asked to describe personal responsibility. Whenever you are driving in a car and you put your foot on the gas paddle your car speeds up. The result that action (putting your foot down on the gas paddle) the car goes faster. This scenario is a lot like personal responsibility. For every responsibility that is not fulfilled there is a reaction. Do not put your foot on the paddle the car does not go. Do not do what you said that you are going to do, that person could not trust you next time. For every reaction or action there is a consequence. That specific action could result in a bad reputation in a work place, or passed up on job opportunities. In school, group people may not want to give you a chance because you cannot keep your word and do what you say. For...
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