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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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Learning to be College Prepared
Nameless Bob

Higher learning is the key to a successful life in this world. Seeking a college degree should be in your mind at all times and knowing your learning style will help in completing a degree. Agreeing or disagreeing with your style of learning may help you in the learning process. Knowing the reason why you want a degree, and how to study in order to get it will help you on your path to finishing your degree. To be successful in this world, getting a college degree is one of the keys. The main reasons why I decided to continue my education were: making more money, having more opportunities in life, and being able to take care of myself and my family. Money is a key part of living in the world today and education opens the door to better jobs. There will always be opportunities in life for a better job. Having the education needed to get that job will help in that process. Being able to take care of one’s self and family is easier as well, with a good job from a degree. A college degree is a helpful tool for success in life. College study is one of the main things you do during the process of getting a degree. Knowing your learning style, and how you study, will go a long way. I used (Attribute, 2004) to understand my learning style. After completing the test, I found that there are three styles of learning that I most likely could be: Logical (mathematical) learning style, Solitary (Intrapersonal) Learning Style or Social (Interpersonal) learning Style. I also used another site (Penn State, 2010) to see if I may have another learning style. This site showed that I had a Visual learning style and tactile learning style. That site showed that I have the same styles as shown in the first site. I used the information in these web sites and found that I agree with most of the results of my testing....
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