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Goals & Traits
There are many things that I would like to achieve before I reach retirement. The five goals that are the most important to me are: 1.I would like to buy a house. I currently am renting which I feel is a waste of money. 2.I would like to complete my Bachelor’s Degree shortly after I complete my Associate’s Degree. 3.I would like to have had a job that I loved doing.

4.I would like to have visited Hawaii.
5.I would like to have paid off all of my debts and be debt-free. Three traits that should be helpful in reaching these goals are being determined, hard-working, and positive. Having these traits will be a good way to make these goals successful. Three traits that could hinder my ability to reach my goals are being indecisive, lazy, and pessimistic. Having these three traits could make my goals non-attainable.  

Norms & Beliefs
One action that people sometimes make, and that I always believe to be right is to shoot a person with a gun in self-defense. I believe this is an action that is sometimes controversial; however I feel that I would do whatever possible to make sure no one harms me. Women are abducted, raped, and killed every day, and this is where carrying a gun would come in handy. No matter what the situation if you feel threatened by a person and they put their hands on you, you should be able to protect yourself.

Another action people make that I believe to always be right is grieving when a loved one dies. There are some people that believe a person should not be upset when a person dies because it is a part of life, and it happens to everyone at some point. Although a loved one is in a better place once they die, it is still okay to be sad and miss that person. This is especially the case when it is a parent or sibling with who you have known all of your life. Realizing you will not see that person again can be very hard to grasp. I think it is a good thing to grieve and show emotions.

The death penalty is something that I will always believe to be right. Many people find the death penalty to be inhumane. I think that if a person murders someone then they deserve to die as well. I feel like if someone murdered someone important to me I would want nothing more than the same thing to happen to them.

There are also actions that I believe to always be wrong no matter what. One of the actions that I believe be wrong is stealing money from the company you work for. This happens so much in the world today, and the majority of the time when it happens the people who are stealing money are already rich. A person should not live beyond their means, and if they do decide to do so the company they work for should not help keep up their fancy life.

Another action people make that I believe to always be wrong is cheating on a spouse. I think this is an awful thing to do to a person and very disrespectful. I think if you decide to be in a relationship with a person then you should be committed to that one person. If someone does not want to be with just one person then they should not be in a relationship or marriage. Cheating on someone can cause that person to have trust issues for the rest of their life and ruin their chance of happiness.

Another action people make that I believe to always be wrong is blaming other people for your mistakes. So many people make bad decisions or mess up on things and do not want to take responsibility for those actions. While sometimes it is an honest mistake or sometimes intentionally doing something wrong, it is not right to put the blame on someone else. This can cause someone else to get in trouble or suffer for your actions. This also makes the person who is to blame seem dishonest and untrustworthy, which are not good traits to have.

Personal Values
The ten most important values to me from greatest importance to least importance are: 1.Family
8. Financial...
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