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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Depression and stress are extremely serious problems that are facing many teenagers as revealed by the study in Minnesota high school. Signs that one has stress are, a feeling of sadness, tension, worry, frustrations as well as withdrawal that lasts for hours or even days. The main distinction between stress and depression is that depression last for a longer time than stress. Depression results from various causes, which can be, social, emotional as well as physical factors. Regarding the emotional and physical perspectives, triggers of depression include abuse during childhood, alcohol abuse, life-changing events, and chronic anxiety or stress due to ongoing problems at home, work or school, among others (Lee, 2005). Depression in teenagers, may lead to them becoming hopeless and according to Minnesota high school study, most of them results to suicide. A large number of young populace suffers from disabilities, which hold back their ability to grow as well as develop to their full capability. A larger number still involve themselves in behaviors that put at risk not only their current state of physical condition, but also their health. Most of the high early death rate and entire disease burden in adults are linked with behaviors or conditions that started in their youth, and mostly due to depression, such as tobacco use, unprotected sex, and lack of being physically active or exposure to violence. Encouraging healthy practices for the period of adolescence, along with taking steps to better shield young people against health risks is a significant step in improving a country’ health as well as social infrastructure also prevention of health complications in adulthood (Mayer, Acker & Lochman, 2011). In this bracket are students in high schools with disabilities.

There are numerous social factors that place students with a disability in high school, more prone to depression. These include, Loneliness- People with disabilities suffers from...
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