Permissions Needed Before Starting a Hospital in Mumbai

Topics: Tax, Mumbai, Central Provident Fund Pages: 4 (484 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Before starting a Hospital following permissions are needed


|Act |Purpose |Authority |Validity | |Bombay Nursing Home Registration|Registration with Mumbai |Local or Area Municipal Ward |Renewal of Registration yearly | |Act |Municipal Corp. |Office | | |Bombay Nursing Home Registration|For extra Satellite Clinic if|Local or Area Municipal Ward |Renewal of Registration yearly | |Act. |started in other part of the|Offices | | | |city | | | |Public Trust Act | |Charity Commissioner, Mumbai |Yearly Report to be sent | |Society Registration Act |For Income Tax benefit, |Charity Commissioner of Mumbai |Yearly Renewal | | |Concession on Import Duty | | | |Pre-natal Diagnostic Test Act | |Municipal Corporation |Yearly Renewal | |Human Organ Transplant Act |For Kidney and other organ |Maharashtra Health Service |Yearly Renewal | | |Transplant |Department | | |MTP Act of Govt. of Maharashtra |For Medical Termination of |Maharashtra Health Service |Yearly Renewal | | |Pregnancy |Department | | |FDA Act....
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