Performance Management

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  • Published : May 21, 2010
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2.1.1. Literature survey and details on Performance management The central part of Performance management is rating employee’s performance as synergy. Performance management is the process through which managers ensure that employee’s activities and outputs contribute to the organization’s goals [1]. The main requirements of the process are to know what activities and output is desired, to observe whether they occur, and to provide feedback to help employees meet expectations. While taking feedback from different sources, managers and employees identify performance problems and try to resolve those problems. It provides an opportunity for the employee and performance manager to develop goals and jointly create a plan for achieving those goals. Development plans contributes to organizational goals and the professional growth of the employee. Performance Management being the most critical area of human resource management, the department relies on evaluation results in determining the soundness of much developmental decision, which have direct impact on the business surplus. The Process of Performance Management

Figure 2.1 Process of Performance Management [2]

Purpose of Performance Management [2]
1. Strategic purposes – To achieve the business objective of an organization, effective performance management plays a vital role. Performance management does this help by linking employee’s behaviour with the organizational goals. It starts defining what the organization expects from each employee and at the same time it measures the performance of each employee’s to identify either the expectations are met or not. Depending upon performance measurement, the organization can take corrective action such as training, incentives or discipline. Performance management can achieve strategic purposes on the following condition. * When performance measurements are truly linked with the organizational goals. * When the goals and feedback about performance are...
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