Performance Improvement Plan

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OFT performance improvement
The OFT aims to ensure that there will be a fair and consistent approach to the enforcement of standards of performance throughout the organisation. The performance improvement policy and procedures help to promote fairness and consistency in the treatment of individuals and encourage improvement in individual performance. In many cases early intervention by a staff manager can prevent an issue escalating to a serious performance issue and this is therefore strongly recommended. HR (employee relations) can be consulted at any stage of this process.

This policy and procedure applies to all employees 1 of the OFT whether permanent or fixed term. It does not apply to contractors or agency staff as their contracts can be terminated without following this procedure since they are not OFT employees.

Before commencing the formal performance improvement procedure the issues should be discussed with HR to ensure that the correct procedures are adopted. HR will support managers through the process.

Whilst this policy and procedure is part of the terms and conditions of employment it does not form part of an employee's individual contract and the content may be subject to revision as the need arises in consultation with the trade unions.

The main purpose of this policy and procedure is to improve the performance of individuals that have been identified as under-performers. The emphasis is on encouraging improvement and supporting the individual to enable him/her to achieve the required standard of performance. This procedure does not apply to probationers, to whom a different procedure applies – see probation policy for further information.

Whilst not the main purpose of this policy and procedure the outcome may be a dismissal in the event that an employee fails to achieve and maintain a satisfactory level of performance having been given the appropriate learning and Includes employees on loan to the OFT. In such circumstances the parent department will be notified that the Performance Improvement Procedure is being invoked.

development opportunities (whether training courses or on-the-job coaching) and time in which to improve. HR (learning and development) should be consulted about the support available in this area.

Performance management is a key role for every staff manager and as such they are required to set and communicate clear objectives for their staff and establish measurable standards of performance required to achieve those objectives. Poor performance procedures should not come as a surprise to an individual. Staff managers should be giving individual's timely and constructive feedback on their performance and ensure that the individual is clear that he/she is receiving feedback on their performance. Staff managers should also make it clear what support is available to help the individual improve. Where appropriate such conversations should be followed up in writing to avoid any ambiguities. The assessment of performance is a continuous process, the outcome of which is confirmed and discussed annually at the time of the annual performance appraisal. Issues of poor performance must, however, be addressed as they occur and not 'stored' for discussion at the appraisal or mid year review, which should be nothing more than a confirmation and discussion of what has been achieved. The underlying principle should be that there are no surprises at either the mid-year review or the end of year appraisal.

In an environment where performance standards are clearly defined and continually assessed it is expected that poor performance will be addressed as it occurs. Staff managers and employees will normally resolve issues informally, where necessary seeking advice from HR. Where such an approach fails to achieve the standards of performance required the formal performance improvement procedure will be invoked.

At all stages of the process (initial meeting to discuss reasons for...
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