Perception Paper

Topics: Perception, Sense, Mind Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: February 10, 2013
“Perception is the result of the processes of selection, organization, and interpretation of information collected through the senses. Perception involves using what one sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels to derive meaning from the environment and experiences. Whether done consciously or unconsciously, perception is a fundamental component of communication.”(Alberts, 2009) While doing my interview I started off by giving this definition of perception, just to let her know what was expected for her to look at, in general the big picture. I decided to interview my boss, Veronica Munguia, because I believe that she can pretty much answer to all the questions truthfully and is not afraid of telling me in what areas I need to work on. For the first ten questions she answered almost always, in my job it is expected for me to show what we call six dollar service. Which means that we have to offer; friendly greeting, smiles, show respect, give eye contact, and let our gust express their selves if they are not satisfied. She states that most of this is very natural to my person and doesn’t have to worry much about not letting our guest feel satisfied when they come to our restaurant. Alberts, states “The superego’s goal is perfection. It is determined that no rules or laws are broken, ever, under any circumstances.” While I came across to asking her where I stand as far as my Personality Veronica said “Sometimes I think your superego can betray you, you always like to leave everything to perfection and you forget to compliment your crew as you have them working very hard to accomplish what needs to get done, and that is something that you need to improve.” I could have taken it in the wrong way but I didn’t I believe she is right and I do need sometimes to give some sort of compliments and rewards. I know that my leadership skills are very high and sometimes I can even be demanding. It is very hard for me to compliment people when it is needed; I know that I need to...
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