Perceived Brand Image of Cherry Mobile to Consumers

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Mobile network operator Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: December 8, 2011
In our fast changing environment, people cannot live without technology, they always want gadgets close to them. One of those gadgets is the Cellular Phone, which is now considered as the most influential technology because of its fast and efficient capability in communications. Mobile users can always find convenience in getting in touch with every people anytime they want to.

Innovation plays an important role in the mobile industry. Through this, products improve as well its the Brand image, which attract customers to heighten their desire to purchase the product. As answer to these changes many Cell Phone companies are doing their best to cater to the varying needs of the present day Cell Phone users. And Cherry mobile adapt to these changes.

Since not all people can afford to buy latest cell phones due to global crisis. Most of the consumers are becoming wise and practical in their buying decision. Not only do they look on the style of the cell phone but also on its affordability. With this, consumers tend to look for cell phone brand and unit that would best fit them. Here enters a lot of brand of cell phone that aims to provide them with their desired mobile phones. Cherry Mobile was able to cater to the needs of these consumers. According to the concept of Kevil Lane Keller, Customer Based brand Equity pyramid which includes Resonance, Jugdements, Feelings, Performance, Imagery, and Salience. it serves as a very useful map roadmap of sequential actions that need to be taken to build a brand. The power of brand is based on what customers have experienced, heard, and learnt about a brand over time. CBBE is the effect that knowledge about a specific brand has on a person’s decisions to use that brand.

To be able to know the perceived Brand Image of Cherry Mobile the researchers chose to study the perception of consumers about the brand image of Cherry mobile.
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