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A5.6 BRB 2002 October Brand Building [2 hours] [Total marks : 50] Attempt all questions. 1. (a) Answer in 1 or 2 sentences : (5 out of 8) i. Define Brand Position. ii. Give examples of natural elements that are being branded. iii. Define generic branding. iv. Define brand loyalty. v. How can you leverage a strong brand? vi. Define brand identity. vii. Define brand Personality. viii. Define Brand Awareness. (b) Answer in 3 or 4 sentences : (5 out of 7) 1) Differentiate between Brand and Product. 2) Differentiate Brand Personality from User Imagery. 3) What is core and extended identity? Give examples. 4) List ways of measuring Brand Equity. 5) What are product related and non product related XXXXX which form Brand Personality. 6) Aaaaaaa 5 in Brand personality scale. 7) Give Examples of Brands that have been successfully XXXXXX. 2. Answer in brief. (3 out of 6) i. Explain Y&R’s BAV as an Equity measurement. ii. Discuss Brand consistency is important in the XXXXX. iii. What is Brand loyalty? Describe XXXXXXXXXXX. iv. What is Brand Equity? What are the major asset categories? v. What are Brand Extensions? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. vi. How does the entire organization play a crucial role in developing a strong Brand? Discuss. 3. CASE STUDY. Motorola’s research and development facility in Connecticut, USA has developed a two way pager system. The model model has been branded as Beep 900. this will be a paging instrument with the looks of a normal pager but the additional alpha numeric keys. This has not been a big hit in other marketing countries. Motorola India ltd. Thinks that this will be a hit in India. They attribute this to the SMS boom. They also feel that the lower rates of paging will fuel the boom. The standard size of the pager is 3x2 inches and one inch weighs a mere 30 gms. It has an inbuilt keyboard.. one can send and receive emails, write notes to other pagers and mobile phones and...
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