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Responsible and
Sustainable Sourcing
Guidelines for
Supplier Relations

Performance with Purpose
We are delighted to offer the world’s
largest portfolio of billion-dollar food
and beverage brands that compete
globally and leverage our scale and
distribution power. PepsiCo has 18
brands in our portfolio that generate
$1 billion or more in annual retail sales.

Indra K. Nooyi
Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo


Responsible Sourcing Guidelines

Financial achievement can and must
go hand-in-hand with sustainability.
Our company is committed to a longterm, sustainable growth strategy called Performance with Purpose.
This is focused on generating healthy
financial returns while giving back to
the communities our company serves.
Performance with Purpose is woven
into PepsiCo’s fabric and is driven all
the way through the business. It is a
part of what we do, not an addition to
what we do.

We integrate a commitment to human,
environmental and talent sustainability
into all of our operations. Doing so
creates a blueprint for PepsiCo to
develop, manufacture and sell our
products in a sustainable way, giving
us a competitive advantage in markets
all over the world, which in turn drives
long-term growth.
Our company’s commitment to
continuously improve the world in
which we operate is not confined
to PepsiCo associates alone. We’re
sustained by the associates, customers
and business partners who help
us deliver fun nourishment and
refreshment each day. Through strong
procurement partnerships we will
together create a better tomorrow for
future generations. See for yourself
what we’ve accomplished and the
many opportunities that lie ahead in
the area of responsible and sustainable

with a range
of products.

Be responsible
stewards or our

Attract, retain
and develop

Responsible Sourcing Guidelines


Responsible & Sustainable Sourcing
Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing is all about looking
at Procurement beyond the traditional aspects of cost,
quality and assured supply. We must also prioritize ethical
operations, respect for the environment, and bringing
packaging and ingredient innovation into our sourcing
decisions. Our strategy aggressively addresses these areas.

Mitch Adamek
SVP Strategic Supply Management

Our goal is to continuously improve our internal
procurement practices by leveraging our world-wide talents,
programs and policies across the globe to all employees
involved in purchasing functions and decisions.
We extend our Performance with Purpose standards to
suppliers through specific programs and metrics of our
supplier scorecarding process in the areas of environmental
management, protecting human rights, and innovative
research & development.


Responsible Sourcing Guidelines

Whether it is our Strategic Supply Management team or
the thousands of employees across the company that
interact with suppliers everyday, we insist on the highest
degree of integrity in our supplier relations. We ensure all of our employees receive training on the legal and ethical
expectations we place upon ourselves.
We recognize that this journey involves many challenges
and we will review our progress and set goals to keep the
programs moving forward.
Most importantly, we understand our people turn ideas
and programs into action. As we describe our approach,
aspirations, and achievements for our Responsible &
Sustainable Sourcing program, we have chosen to also
highlight individuals and teams throughout PepsiCo that
lead our Performance with Purpose program with suppliers.

Larry Thompson
SVP Government Affairs
and Chief Legal Counsel

Responsible Sourcing Guidelines


Procurement Policies and Programs
PepsiCo’s Employee Code of Conduct is
available in 30 languages and applies
to every employee, officer and director,
every division and...
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