People vs Technology

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Internet: searching for jobs, flats, cars, shopping, holidays, reading news, banking, bills

email: most correspondence now communicated via email as opposed to (particularly in the business environment)

mobile phone: now replaces the camera, music player, and has become the center point for all communication for the owner. emails, previously the method employed only by the desktop computer, is now possible in the palm of your hands.

Automobile, transport: a rather obvious one, but this has allowed communities to grow as transportation has become easier.

Medicine: Smallpox, other diseases have become extinct or manageable thanks to development in medicine

Banking, finance: IT innovations has allowed transactions to be completed in a manner of seconds as opposed to hours or days. Stocks can be bought online. Intelligent trading software can automatically buy and sell stocks. The innovation of credit cards (and debit cards) allows people to carry out their transactions 24/7 without needing cash. The invention of the ATM (Automated teller machine) has allowed people 24/7 access to cash.

Economics: one obvious effect of technology is globalisation. now many business have the entire world as their clients and suppliers, i.e. the market place is now global, thanks to the internet, transportation and logistics, communication, etc.

these are some examples. the scope of your topic is too wide and broad. it is up to you to choose the context, and then highlight the significance of the impact of technology and how this has improved the lives of those who benefit from it.
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