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Business Writing Portfolio Name of Student XCOM/285 Essentials of Managerial Communication
University of Phoenix

Business communication forms are continually evolving into many different forms. There was a time when communications were done by simpler means such as telephone, mail or by courier. That is not because that was the way businesses chose to communicate, but because it was the only way to. Technology had not advanced to accommodate busy lifestyles, and business deals that can fall apart in a matter of seconds simply because they could not speak to someone that was far away right at that very moment. Businesses definitely use the resources available to communicate, because they ensure that their employees have email, IM and a cellular phone so they can have open communication with them at all times. With my employer it is often difficult to get in touch with me by telephone, so we have an Instant Message system so than I can be connected to at any time when I am needed. Email is also an essential form of communication, and the emails come in a matter of seconds from all over the world. That keeps everyone tapped into one another by a simple click of a button, and the ease of speaking to someone for some last minute input into a project can take place without the inconvenience of having to call that person on the phone. Even though my job relies on the telephone I believe that it is slowly becoming obsolete, and electronic messages from text, IM or email are the improved yet impersonal way of communication.

Business Writing
Research and Preparation
Doing research on subject
Verifying information is viable and valid
Gathering enough material for writing
Brainstorming ideas for subject
Organizing the information
Deciding in which order will you put the information
Choosing the best information related to your subject
Draft Writing
Open the paper with a first paragraph
Begin putting your ideas and thoughts into words
Write with knowing revision is part of the process
Share your perception and thoughts in writing
Revision and Formation
Revise your first draft of mistakes
Form and arrange your paragraphs better
Getting feedback and utilizing it
Expand on the ideas that are written out
Making sure the paragraphs are well formed
Ensuring the words flow together, and are easily understood
Correct misspelled words
Final Look
Do a final review of material to ensure key points are present Read final paper and ask for opinions of others


Name of Manager
Reorganization of Store Hours

There must be some restructuring of how our store hours operate and the employee work hours needed to run it. The work week structure is in need of change in order for the stores to run more efficiently, and the employee work hours will need to be changed. This is for the benefit of the company as a whole, and employees as well.

In response to the recent issues we must take action as soon as possible to avoid any further loss of income. Our course of action will be to reorganize store hours by instead of having a five day work week we will change to a four day work week. The stores will also be opening an hour later, and closing an hour earlier. There will also be one extra day that the stores are closed in addition to the different hours of operation.

These efforts are to fight against the raising gas prices, and the cost to ship the products to the stores, and the cost of gas to get employees to and from work. These are all factors that were taken into consideration when reviewing making these changes.

Public Relations Manager

E-mail Etiquette

Read the following e-mails. For each e-mail:
Describe any content and formatting errors found....
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