People Our Different

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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People are Different
In this paper I will explore the role of prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination. I will examine why our pathways our influenced by the media and our environment and the way we grow-up from children to adults. We will reflect on how in-groups and out groups plays a role on how we are perceive to be normal or different. First I will reflect on prejudice which involves a negative attitude toward individuals based on their membership in a particular group. This leads to a cognitive aspect which would be stereotypes. Stereotypes are beliefs about the characteristics of particular groups or members of those groups. This leaves discrimination which is based on behavior; behavior toward individuals or groups based on beliefs and feelings about those groups (Feenstra, 2011). When I examine the social, cognitive and societal origin of prejudice and stereotypes; I learn that all prejudice is the result of disturbance in early childhood relations with caregivers but it can also arise out of social relationships. The problem is that prejudice as an individual phenomenon that does not explain how entire groups can act murderously toward a different group (Tang, 2012). Today there are in-groups which could be categorized toward a define group which are sometimes ethnical. The content of stereotype may include both positively and negatively valences beliefs about the qualities and characteristics of members of the stereotype group. According to Fisk (1998), prejudice can be conceptualized as the affective component and stereotypes as the cognitive component of group-based categorical reactions (Gordjn, Finchilescu, Brix, Wijnants & Koomen, 2008). When some in-groups view their own group they feel that they are deserving of a more positive affect than other groups. They tend to view their own group as more varied than someone outside the group views that group. We can call this group the out-group which is viewed as...
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