People Abused Freedom of Expression in Using Internet

Topics: World Wide Web, Abuse, Internet Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: April 14, 2012
The internet allows people to express and communicate with people around the world. It is not only a way to communicate, to share opinions and perspectives but also a source of information which every person could have an easy access. This information may or may not provide genuine idea for the reason of opinionated ways of expressing thoughts. This actually offers extraordinary opportunities for people who want to articulate an opinion about anything. According to Fisher, they can make their thoughts available world-wide more easily than ever been possible before. And today, the internet is becoming not only a site for people in sharing their thoughts, but also a location to disdain others, and to communicate dreadful messages. The internet also offers greater freedom that it has no exact rules in expressing personal thoughts. This freedom, allow people to be free to say whatever they want, placing an extraordinary priority on their own individual rights, frequently to the disadvantage of the right of other people. As said by Willard (1997), the net is a new frontier that offers a kind of freedom not generally formed in the real world. It is an environment where there is not only greater freedom, but where the laws rules, and social standards are not quite as clear or perhaps not quite as enforceable, as we have come to expect in other areas of our lives. She explains that there are people who maintain that they should have the freedom and right to use the internet in whatever way they choose, without regard for the maltreatment they may impose upon others. The power of the internet has broadened over the years since it has distended to include the internet connected devices. Most of homes, schools and even mobile phones today have already internet connectivity. The penetration of these technologies has become very easy for people to spread information for a short time. However, anyone with an internet connection can harass, embarrass, threat, and humiliate...
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