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Topics: Humiliation, Embarrassment Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: September 19, 2012
The Flip Side of Internet Fame: Writing Questions
4.) To what is known as our world, yet is influenced most of all by the cyber world. To be free and express what we think and believe it’s a delicate topic to talk about, since we don’t all think in the same way. We criticize and even offend our fellow man; this comes to affect them emotionally. On the internet, we are all free to do whatever we decide to do, not caring about our morals, there are occasions in which it leads to humiliate people in the cruelest ways, as symbols of entertainment. As in my opinion, the limit is the humiliation or culpability to innocents. There isn’t much control for these situations; just like it is said by Jim Gohem, “the internet is a loose cannon”. 5.) How to achieve fame? We often do not seek it, but finds us and not always in the best way. We are to be released and be notorious by crowds, but not applauded for our good actions, however we are by the humiliations that we experience. Of course we celebrate been famous, not for getting to the top, but the effort to achieve been famous. I wouldn’t try to gain fame and be noticeable by other people; I wouldn’t like to live in that way. I’d prefer continuing to be myself and be loved by the closest ones to me. Been notorious doesn’t always mean to feel complete or happy with your own self 6.) In relation to the first essay, Ariel Levy; Bennett’s portrait of online shaming is just the way we got there. Our world and culture of this society has been evolve and at the same time has stop been a conservative society in a matter that been liberal, in my opinion doesn’t mean to leave your morals behind or dignity, as in the case of females exposing.
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