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WeChat and Friendship
When I went to primary school, the telephone or computer were not popular in my area. I did not even know what telephone and a computer was or how it works. Therefore, when I graduated from primary school, I did not have any communication with my friends. Today, the technology becomes stronger and stronger. Everyone probably has a telephone or computer so people have various communicating software to connect with their family, friends, or other colleagues. Some software, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat, became very popular today. However, in the article “The Pleasure of the Texting" Charles McGrath thinks that texting message can hurt a relationship. In my opinion, WeChat can strengthen a friendship because people can communicate with their friends every time and everywhere.

In the article "The Pleasure of the Texting", McGrath thinks that texting messages harm the relationship, especially the people who are close. He agrees that text-messaging is boring. In the internet some web sites already have some prepare messages, so people can just use them instead of thinking. Gradually, people will lose the ability of communication. Also, people will preserve expressing emotion. People usually send messages like "hello" or "hi". They are so general and are not special. It may because people do not have anything to say, and they ignore this relationship. Hence, McGrath does not suggest people usually text messages.

Nevertheless, I think that WeChat can strengthen a friendship. WeChat is a very popular communicating tool in China. People use WeChat to send message and share their interesting events. In China, people like to use this tool to chat with their friends; there are two reasons. First, WeChat uses internet to send message. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is very common, so if people connect the internet, they can send messages free. It is cheaper than texting. Second, WeChat does not have limitations. If people have long distance
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