Peltier Paper

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, United States Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Peltier Paper

Leonard Peltier was convicted for the death of two federal bureau of investigation agents during a shootout on the pine ridge Indian reservation. Mr. Peltier served over 29 years in prison. This case happened on June 29, 1975 while two federal bureau of investigation agents in unmarked cars followed a red pick-up truck onto the jumping ball ranch believing it was a man accused of kidnap and armed assault. Peltier was there also because he was asked by people at pine ridge, South Dakota to support and protect the people being targeted for violence. The red pick-up truck really contained peltier and two other American Indian movement members. When shots were heard, families became alarmed of the agents and stood in fear. Shots were heard and a shoot -out erupted. According to records there were more than 40 native American gun fights, but only three AIM (American Indian movement) members Bob Rodideau, Darrell Butler, and Leonard Peltier were brought to trial. Bob rodideau and darrell butler were found non - guilty in the participation on the shoot out because fear existed and could not be tied to the close - range shooting. With Leonard peltier, the united states presented the Canadian court with a letter signed by myrtle poor bear who said she was a girlfriend and saw him shoot the agents. Later myrtle said that the agents threatened her to sign. Also three teenagers testified against Mr. Peltier, and later admitted that federal bureau of investigation forced them to testify against peltier. Then federal bureau of investigation ballistics testified that a casing found near the agent's bodies matched the gun to peltier however, later a ballistics test proved that it didn't come from peltier. Unaware of all facts, the jury claimed peltier guilty. The judge Benson just sentenced him for two consecutive life terms. The federal bureau of investigation has engaged in lying just to keep Leonard peltier in prison. They are...
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