Peer Review of Practicals

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Student:Checked by:Teacher:

Practical Name:

|What to look for |Tick if correct | |Every page must be numbered, have the student’s name and IB student number. | | |The Practical MUST be in the correct format, typed and contain ALL the headings as in the example. | |

|What to look for |Tick if correct | |Defines a FOCUSED problem or research question | | |Selects ONE independent variable | | |Selects ONE dependent variable which will vary (hopefully) as the independent variable is changed | | |Selects relevant and non trivial controlled variables | | |Equipment list of relevant apparatus giving size or range of equipment; | | |e.g. 250 cm3 beaker or thermometer -10 to 110 oC | | |Procedure explains how the independent variable is altered or changed (change at regular intervals is important) | | |Method gives way to collect sufficient dependent variable data (at least five), mention number of trials | |

Data Collection

|What to look for |Tick if correct | |RESULTS IN A TABLE | | |Gives the table a heading or title | | |Headings for each column, giving name, symbol, unit and uncertainty | | |e.g. Time/second (t/s) t = ( 2.0 s | | |Does not go over the page (ideally) | | |Significant figures in all data points the same | | |Easy to read/interpret or to spot the trend | | |Error / uncertainty in the headings must be based upon limits of readings of instruments used | | |There must be qualitative observations. | | |e.g. the colour of phenolphthalein in alkaline or acidic solutions. The end point was recorded when the colourless solution | | |showed the first permanent barely visible pale pink colour. | | |Or | | |The white crystals dissolved slowly in the colourless liquid on stirring to...
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