Peace through Service

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the absence of violence and freedom from fear. Commonly understood by us as presence of positive and respectful culture. Service on other hand is an activity performed by an a group for benefit of individual or a group .Though both of them are quite different individually, but are quite interrelated as peace can be attained by service to underprivileged only .Service is rendered to those people who are socially disadvantaged, poor, disabled, seniors citizens and who are terminally ill. As they get empowered they will bring peace by themselves. For this I take Mahatma Gandhi as my role model. He said that “We have to become the change that we want to see it in the world”. Mahatma Gandhi worked for socially disadvantaged and brought social equality and peace in our country. In this modern era also a person can do similar things .He can ignite collective hopes, world peace and energies through his work. We all are involved in our day to day activities of work but we forget that there part of us that wants to make a difference. We just have to access ourselves to find purpose in our lives .We should tune ourselves towards volunteerism. This can be done according to our talent as some have talent to teach so they can educate the children of poor community and in turn make their future peaceful. Some people have talent to make essential product from their hand or have artistic skills, so they can make jewelry, woodcraft, paintings and can have charity sale of these items for fund raising. If you’re touched or moved by big cause and you find your life purpose in that, then you should dedicate your lives for that cause.