Lack of Successful Leaders

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In the mid 1900s our world watched as one leader rallied all of his people to a common purpose. His motives may not have been the best but the way way he brought his people together was very impressive. What Adolf Hitler did to accumulate his supporters and carry out his actions is exactly what our world is looking for today. We need someone who has Hitler’s inspiration skills, but would use them for the good of others. Gandhi is a perfect example of what we are looking for. He was able to gain support and use nonviolence as a way of fighting

injustice.Gandhi is a great example because he used his leadership skills to promote the common good. Few generations have experienced leaders of his caliber. Today, our world is becoming more and more familiar with the lack of leadership. The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 could have easily been prevented as well as the lives lost during that disaster. According to Gregory P. Smith the captain of the Titanic, E.J. Smith, ignored seven iceberg warnings from his crew and other ships. We all know why he ignored them. The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable. This thinking caused the crew to only load about half the amount of lifeboats needed to evacuate all of the people on the ship. If E.J. Smith had prepared for the worst possible thing that could happen the Titanic would not be nearly as famous as it is today.

As many know, the ability to lead is a golden skill that few are possessed with. As we glide through history, fewer and fewer people have acquired the leadership skills necessary to become a successful leader. The lack of leadership is why we have so many problems in our world today. Nearly every leader we have today is unprepared to face the challenges the past leaders have left for us to deal with because of reasons I will point out later. Regardless of where you choose to go with your life, leadership skills will always be of need. If you choose to be a business person, you must be able to lead and appoint your people to the positions you believe will make the company run most efficiently. If you choose to be a farmer, you must be able to hold your employees, and yourself, responsible for your actions so they know that subpar

performance will not be tolerated.
Today I will discuss why we lack the successful leaders we had in the past and the harmful effects that poor leaders have on their employees. I will end by attempting to point out a few important qualities in a successful leader. I say ‘attempt’ because leadership can not simply be defined by a few qualities because a true leader has a countless number of important qualities.

Everyone knows that you can not solve a problem that you do not first know the cause. In order to solve the lack of successful leadership problem we must first be able to identify the problem. One of the biggest reasons we lack leadership today is because kids are no longer being taught how to be a leader at a young age. According to Linda Hall, an executive coach with more than 20 years experience, she says, “There is a myth that only a lucky few can decipher the mystery of leadership.” She also says, “ Great leaders are taught, not born.” On top of this, there are very few college institutions offering leadership classes. Think about it. We have a surplus of business, medical, and law schools, but hardly any leadership schools. It is obvious that leadership can not be taught without leadership schools. Another huge reason we lack successful leaders today is the people no longer want to take charge, they just want others to make a difference. In the book “Leadership Beyond Good Intentions” Geoff Aigner says, “We want a saviour, or perhaps more accurately a gladiator, who will come in and do all the work with as little effort from us as possible.” He even went on to say that when we talk about what we want in our leaders today we say things like ‘that’s what I want to see’ instead of things like ‘that’s what I want to work with’ or ‘that’s...
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