Pattern of Radio Untilization Among Academic Students

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Radio has been a general means communication since the early days of 21st century in the United States of America. Radio first began in 1335 by the …….

Both the F.M and the A.M entertain, informs and educate at different level. But to what level now?

Radio has been used in different ways for different purposes by different people due to its durability and easy access. Radios with their great flexibility and adaptability wake us up, inform us, and entertain us. Radio has become more individualized and personalized. Talk show hosts communicate directly to each listener and caller. Radio is the medium that unites people together.

Most often, students tuned in to the Frequency Modulation more than the Amplified Modulation.

Each students must at least owns a portable radio set, combining both the f.m and the a.m band

Why is it that people love to listen to radio tuning more to the frequency modulation? Why is it that there are lot of radio stations are on Frequency modulation? What are the programs that is on fm that are not on am?

What are the differences between fm and am?
What is fm, and what is am?
What kind of programs do you listen to?
What type and brand of radio do the students purchase? … …. …….. ………

Sampling technique: purposive sampling, under non-probability sample

FM signal has constant amplitude and variable frequency but AM signal has constant frequency and variable amplitude.

Radio signals are carried by waves. FM waves stand for frequency modulated waves which means that different frequencies are used to carry the signal. AM waves stand for amplitude modulated waves which means that the amplitude is varied to carry the signal.

FM has much better sound quality, but range is limited. AM has much better range, but the sound quality is limited.

A,M BAND:- Because of its susceptibility to atmospheric and electrical interference, AM broadcasting now attracts mainly talk radio and news programming, while music radio and public radio mostly shifted to FM broadcasting in the late 1970s in the developed countries

However, in the late 1960s and 1970s, top 40 rock and roll stations in the U.S. and Canada such as WABC and CHUM transmitted highly processed and extended audio to 11 kHz, successfully attracting huge audiences. In the UK during the 1980s, BBC Radio 4 (a largely speech channel) had an FM location, whereas BBC Radio 1, a music channel, was confined to AM broadcasts over much of the UK.

AM radio signals can be severely disrupted in large urban centers’ by metal structures, tall buildings and sources of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electrical noise, such as electrical motors, fluorescent lights, or lightning. As a result, AM radio in many countries has lost its dominance as a music broadcasting service, and in many cities is now relegated to news, sports, religious and talk radio stations. Some musical genres – particularly country, oldies, nostalgia and ethnic music – survive on AM, especially in areas where FM frequencies are in short supply or in thinly populated or mountainous areas where FM coverage is poor.

Radios with their great flexibility and adaptability wake us up,
inform us, and entertain us. Hiebert and others (1988:173) say that radio has
become more individualized and personalized. Talk show hosts communicate
directly to each listener and caller. No longer is radio the medium that
unites family members at night. Each family member now listens to differing
stations at differing locations and at differing times of the day....
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