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Argument Essay
The Mass Media’s Effect on Younger Generations
The mass media, including T.V., radio, and newspapers have been around for almost a generation. At least one of these pieces of media has been in every household in America, if not all of them. They give people an insight into what’s going on in the world. It also informs people of the newest trends from clothing to music. All this time the media has been in American homes it has influenced those who watch, listen, or read it. Although it has influenced adults, its main target has been the younger generations. The advertising and T.V. shows have been made to be appealing to them and have swayed their opinions. The media has influenced younger generations’ style, way of life, and ultimately put pressure on them to be the perfect person.

A few decades ago color television was introduced to the American population and it became the coolest piece of equipment to own. As it stands today television is still the leading contender of influential material in mass media. T.V. streams live shows and shows made up from people’s imagination. All the famous people are on T.V. and everything they do, good or bad, is captured and showed. Younger generations want to be like these people on television; whether it is reasons such as an escape from reality or a way to fit in. They learn so much from television and it can ultimately shape one’s whole persona.

Radio has been around for almost a generation now. It has been used in times where communication was limited. It became a tradition for families to sit around the radio and listen to the news or the newest songs. It has influenced younger generations by the type of music they listen to or how updated they are on the news. Music from radios has had a big impact on younger people. They want to be the most hip kid in town but in order to do this they have to know the most modernized information. Today music and the artists who make it have become the most...
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